Skidmore Newsletter - January 2023

Stitching Post no. 75

Stitching Post No. 75 offers embroidery work, sewing, classes, and alterations.  The phone is 660-254-3451.  Her email is

Need a handyman?

Call Coby Langford at 660-853-2274

City Hall Closure

City Hall will be closed Jan. 2 for New Year’s weekend. 

Skidmore City Council

Skidmore City Council meets January 12 at 6:00pm at Newton Hall.

Skidmore Community Betterment

Skidmore Community Betterment will meet Jan. 9 at 6:00 pm at Newton Hall.

Kids' Movie Afternoon

Kids’ Movie Afternoon Jan. 14, from 2-4pm at Newton Hall.

Food Pantry

It will be January 30 and January 31 from 4-5pm at Newton Hall.  Please line up coming down the street.  You will have to come in and sign up (or present your id card) but there are no income restrictions.  It is for residents in the Nodaway-Holt school district or a county resident that has not picked up at a previous location.  There will also be senior boxes of food for those who have signed up.  You may sign up then for a senior box and receive it the next month.  Check for winter hours.  You may call City Hall to arrange for a different pick up time, if necessary.

City Hall Hours

Mon-Thurs 8-11am &1-4pm,

Fri: 8-12pm & 1-3pm.


The city’s website is   You may see the ordinances, dates of city events, and pay your water bill online if you want.

Water Samples Report

Graham Lions' Club Fish Fry

$15 for adults, under 12 is $5, 4:30 to 7:00pm

Jan. 7, Feb. 4, March 4, April 1.

If you don’t text on your cell phone or use social media (facebook), please arrange to have a family member or neighbor keep you up to date on issues that arise quickly about City matters, for example:  pantry hours changes, surprise food drops, water issues, etc.  There is no other way to let everyone know those changes quickly.

From City Hall:

*Sewer rates were approved to increase beginning Jan.1.  The new rates will be a $35 flat rate with a $5 per 1,000 gals added thereafter.  This is to be at the 2% median household income recommended by DNR for grants and funding on our infrastructure.

*The city is collecting donations for a permanent headstone to properly identify and mark the Native American grave at Smith Cemetery.  Mail donations to City Hall, PO Box 15.   (Lance Foster with the Ioway Tribe is helping with the research).

*Skidmore  Cenntenial History books are for sale for $10 or $19.90 with shipping.  All proceeds go to the Depot.

*When there is measurable snowfall, you must move your vehicle from the streets and alleys in order for the city to plow and not block you in.  This will help us plow more efficiently