Skidmore Newsletter - March 2023

March 4th - Newton Hall

On March 4, there will be a gathering for the ladies.  Coffee, cocoa and tea (and snacks) at Newton Hall at 8:00am.

Skidmore City Council

Skidmore City Council meets March 9 at 6:00pm at Newton Hall. 

Skidmore Community Betterment

Skidmore Community Betterment will meet March 13 at 6:00pm at Newton Hall.

Sunday, March 19 - Skidmore Community Betterment

Sunday, March 19, will be a chicken dinner hosted by Skidmore Community Betterment at Newton Hall from 11am-1pm.  Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, vegetables, rolls, and dessert for $10.  For to go orders, call 928-3366 that day after 11:00am.

Food Pantry

It will be March 27 and 28 from 4-5pm at Newton Hall.  Please line up coming down the street.  You will have to come in and sign up (or present your id card) but there are no income restrictions.  It is for residents in the Nodaway-Holt school district or a county resident that has not picked up at a previous location.  There will also be senior boxes of food for those who have signed up.  You may sign up then for a senior box, but we are at the allotted number now.  We will still submit names.  Check for winter hours.  You may call City Hall to arrange for a different pick-up time, if necessary.

City Hall hours:

Mon-Thurs 8-11am &1-4pm, Fri: 8-12pm & 1-3pm. 660-928-3281.  The city’s website is for ordinances, city events, or pay your water bill online.

Water Samples Report

Graham Lions' Club Fish Fry

$15 for adults, under 12 is $5, 4:30 to 7:00pm, on March 4, April 1.

From City Hall:

*The city is collecting donations for a permanent headstone to properly identify and mark the Native American grave at Smith Cemetery.  Mail donations to City Hall, PO Box 15. (Lance Foster with the Ioway Tribe is helping with the research).

*Residents, it is required by city ordinance that you repair and cap your sewer clean outs on your property and remove your downspouts from the sewer if they are connected. This will help with Inflow and Infiltration and compliance. If the City must do these repairs themselves, a bill will be sent to the resident. To learn how and to ask any questions, please contact City Hall.

We are happy to help get this done.

* A new billing system is being installed. SUBS with MRWA will be used beginning in March and our new meters will then be online. When SUBS is fully functional, you will have a new option to receive your bill through text or email. If you want to receive bills, notices on boil orders, emergencies, low water pressure or no water, you must add your phone number and/or email address to your account at City Hall