Skidmore Newsletter - March 2021

CJ's Thrift Shop is open.

12-3pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays.

Stitching Post no. 75

Offers embroidery work, sewing, classes, & alterations. Phone is 660-928-3251. Her email is

Skidmore City Council Meeting

Will Meet on April 8 at 6:00pm at Newton Hall. Please note the new time!

Skidmore Community Betterment Meeting

Will Meet April 12 at 6pm at Newton Hall.

Mobile Food Drop

April 22, starting at 10am at the park.

Food Pantry News

Location: City Hall
April 26 from 1-3pm
April 27 from 4-6pm

Bring a picture id or your id badge (if they mailed it to you). If works well with people lining up their cars in front of City Hall.

Ditch Clearing

Please contact City Hall if you want your ditch cleaned out. A list is being compiled of addresses needing this work.

City's Hall Website

You may see the ordinances, dates, of city events, and pay your water bill online if you want.

City Hall Hours

Monday 8am-12pm
Wednesday 8am-12pm
Friday 8am-12pm

There is an answering machine also. 660-928-3281. Calls will be returned only if you leave a message.


You may apply for SNAP (formerly called food stamps) over the phone. The office number is 816-364-3663 or call Lana Morgan at 816-344-2808. It is confidential.

Drinking Water Samples Report

Plan Ahead

City-Wide cleanup will be April 26-May 2 with dumpsters at the north edge of town. There may be a tire collection also but no tires go in the dumpsters.