November 2023 Newsletter

Skidmore Newsletter - November 2023

Skidmore City Council

Skidmore City Council meets November 9 at 6:00pm at Newton Hall. 

Skidmore Community Betterment

.Skidmore Community Betterment will meet November 13 at 6:00pm at Newton Hall.

Thursday, November 30- Lighting Ceremony at the Gazebo

November 30 will be a lighting ceremony at the gazebo.  At 5:00pm there will be cookies and hot chocolate at Newton Hall, at 5:30pm will be a greeting from the mayor at the gazebo, and the lights will be turned on about 5:45pm.  All of this is weather permitting.

City Hall hours:

8am-12:30 pm on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Wednesday 5-7pm.  Not open on Mondays.  Answering machine at 660-928-3281.  The city’s website is for ordinances, city events, or pay your water bill online.  You can also arrange with your bank and the Zelle program to pay your water bill.  Check with your bank if you’re interested.

Water Samples Report  This is for the 2022 Consumer Confidence Report.

From City Hall:

*A new billing system is being installed. When SUBS is fully functional, you will have an option to receive your bill through text or email. If you want to receive bills, notices on boil orders, emergencies, low water pressure or no water, you must add your phone number and email address to your account at City Hall.

*Applications for United Fiber service are available at City Hall during business hours.

*City man, Mike Reasoner, will be marking the water meters during November so the GIS mapping can be done in December.

*Your water bill will be arriving in an envelope along with electronic billing information. This form will allow you to view your bill electronically, if you want.  On the back of your water bill will be a place to add your phone number and email.  Thank you. 

*If you don’t use Facebook, please find a neighbor or relative that does to ensure you are aware of last minute changes of city business, like the food deliveries or water leaks/boil advisories, etc.   This is the best way we have to get information out quickly to a large group of people.

*A reminder if you park on the street:  When the snow needs plowed, please try to move your vehicles so the streets can be completely cleared.

Veterans Day:

Happy Veterans’ Day November 11.  We can’t thank our veterans enough for their service and sacrifice!


Happy Thanksgiving November 23.

Newton Hall:

Please do not donate any more books to the library in Newton Hall at this time.  We have run out of room to shelve them.  Thanks.